Sunday, July 24, 2011

FIND and REPLACE TEXT inside a file without using TEXT Editor

FIND and REPLACE TEXT inside a file without using TEXT Editor

You can perform a text replace within a file without using VI or other text editor available on your Unix or Linux box. Below command will help you perform that action. 

Using SED:

Using PERL:

FIND TEXT - Content you want to replace
REPLACE TEXT - New Value of the content


Arun Rahul said...

Thanks for the Perl command dude.
For sed -i option was troubling.

kdp said...

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אהרן יפה said...

Hi! Thanks for your post. I have a question:
I'm a student and i have task to replace all instances of "abc" by uppercase.
When I'm using sed command i'm getting just a visually output, and it isn't acctually replacement of the my file's content.
This is the output:
> cat f1
abc Thank You!!!
> sed 's/abc/ABC/g' < f1
ABC Thank You!!!
> cat f1
abc Thank You!!!
And when i'm using this command the file become empty:
sed 's/abc/ABC/g' < f1 >! f1
Sorry about my english and thank you very much,

vasudha dharani said...

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Priya Kannan said...

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